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Infrastructure for Press

Press Centre

Press activities may be conducted onsite at the Press Centre which is available for accredited media representatives. It is located in close proximity to the congress happenings but offers a quite working atmosphere.

The Press Centre is equipped with power outlets, WIFI and printing facilities that are available for members of the media only. You are welcome to place media materials in the press room without any approval.

Press Centre staff will be available for the duration of the Congress. Staff will be responsible for badge-checking, the general upkeep of the room. Staff will not be responsible for press related tasks, such as photocopying or secretarial duties.

Location: Level 1, close to the lecture room

Opening hours:

10 October 2018

11 October 2018

12 October 2018

07.00 - 18.30

07.00 - 18.30

07.00 - 18.00