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AV Recording Policy

Filming/Photography/Recording Policy

Filming, photography and audio recording are allowed at ECTRIMS 2018 but permission must be sought in advance via ectrims[at]

The ECTRIMS 2018 Congress Secretariat will approve requests on a case-by-case basis. Successful requests will receive a press pass and confirmation letter for a specific time and location. Without this confirmation letter, filming/photographing/recording will only be permitted in areas that do not require approval (see below).

Intellectual property copyrights must be respected – any filming or photography of posters/scientific sessions may not be conducted without the permission of the authorised speaker/moderator.

Speakers/moderators are the sole proprietors of the content disclosed (data, photographs, slides etc.) during the posters/scientific sessions and are able to authorise or refuse what can be filmed, photographed or recorded and to what extent this information may be used. Consequently, permission will only be granted if the presenter of the study has authorised filming/photographing/recording of their session.  

The following areas do not require permission for filming, taking photographs or making audio recording:

  • ECTRIMS 2018 Press Room
  • Outside the Main Entrance

Permission is needed for filming, taking photographs or making audio recording in the following areas:

  • Scientific sessions
  • Industry-organised satellite sessions
  • Poster Area
  • Registration area

Filming in any other part of the Congress Centre is strictly prohibited.

Any film/photo/recording shall only be used for information and communication purposes and must mention the source of the material.

Artificial light cannot be used during presentations. Flash photography at scientific presentations and plenary sessions is not allowed. ECTRIMS 2018 may interrupt any disruptive or hazardous filming.

Media outlets and press representatives are expected to abide by the ECTRIMS 2018 Embargo Policy.



Questions related to ECTRIMS 2018 can be directed to the Congress Secretariat at ectrims[at]