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Q: Can I submit an abstract if it was previously submitted/ presented at another conference?
A: Abstracts are not eligible for consideration if the manuscript of the abstract has been presented and/or published previously.

Q: How many abstracts can I submit?

A: There is no limit to the number of abstracts an investigator may submit. However, authors of numerous abstracts have to consider that if all abstracts are accepted, they may be in trouble at the time of presentation, because of possible time conflicts.

Moreover please make sure if authors’ names appear on more than one abstract, their names and their affiliations must appear and be spelled identically on each abstract in order to facilitate proper indexing. Wherever possible, do not list authors with initials only.

Q: Can I open an account if I am not the presenting author?

A: YES, you can submit an abstract instead of the author. But you must use the details of the corresponding author. This person will be notified about the status of the abstract. The corresponding author is responsible for informing the co-authors about the status of the abstract.

Q: May I amend the submitted abstract?

A: YES, you may log in and amend the abstract anytime before the submission deadline (Submission deadline: 16.05.2018). After the deadline you will not be able to modify your abstract any more.

In case you spot a typo mistake after the submission deadline please contact ECTRIMS2018[at] Please note that the content can not be adjusted after the submission deadline.

Q: Can you please clarify, should the disclosures be limited to the past 1 year?

A:All disclosures should be listed if relevant to the abstract content and all others within the last year.

Q: Can I use abbreviations in my abstract?
A: All abbreviations must be defined the first time they appear in your text (but, do not define in the title).

Q: Who do I contact for technical assistance while submitting an abstract?
A: Please contact ECTRIMS2018[at] per email, describing the problem.

Q: Will my abstract be processed if I leave it in an incomplete/ draft status?

A: NO. The abstract must be in a submitted status before it can be processed, otherwise will not be submitted for reviewing. Please make sure that your abstract’s status is submitted and not draft.

: May I submit a case report?

A: Case reports may be submitted for consideration.

Q: Are you planning to have a late breaking abstract submission?

A: YES, we are going to have a separate submission for the late breaking news. The submission will open in the end of June 2018.

The abstract submission deadline is 25 July 2018, 23:59h CET. 

After Submission

Q: How will I know if my abstract has been accepted?
A: Notifications will be sent to the corresponding author by August 2018 per email.

Q: Will all co-authors be notified?

A: NO, Only the corresponding/presenting author will be notified. It is up to the corresponding /presenting author to notify the co-authors.

Q: Will I only be notified if my abstract is accepted?
A: No, each abstract gets a notification, whether accepted or rejected. All presenting authors will be notified. As such, please make sure that the contact information for the presenting author is up to date.

When will I know the day and time of my presentation?

A: The notification letter will include the day and time of the presentation, moreover the instructions for the preparation.

Q: Can I make changes/additions to my abstract after the submission deadline?
A: No, changes cannot be made to the abstract once the submission deadline has passed. In case you spot a typo mistake after the submission deadline please contact ECTRIMS2018[at] Please note that the content can not be adjusted after the submission deadline.

Q: How do I withdraw my abstract?
A: In order to withdraw your abstract, you must send an email to abstracts[at] indicating your intent to do so. Within the email text, kindly include: the abstract reference number and the complete title of the abstract.

Q: What happens in case of change of corresponding/ presenting author?
A: In case of change of corresponding/presenting author a co-author can substitute for the presenting author. Any co-authors wishing to attend the meeting must register in their appropriate category. 

In case you would like to change the presenting author please send an email to abstracts[at] Within the email text, kindly include: the abstract reference number and the complete title of the abstract further more the name of the new corresponding/ presenting author and his/her email address and phone number.

Technical Questions

Q: When and where are you going publish the abstracts?
A: All accepted regular abstracts are going to be available on the congress’ website and online library ( as well as in the congress’ App 14 days before the congress (26 September 2018). Late breaking news abstracts are going to be available as of the first day of the congress (10 October 2018).

All accepted abstracts will be published in the online Supplement of the Multiple Sclerosis Journal Online (Sage Publishing).

Q: If my abstract is accepted for presentation, do I have to register for the congress?
A: Presenters of accepted abstracts must register for the congress.

Q: Are all of the authors eligible for the reduced registration rate?
A: There is no special registration rate for abstract authors.

Q: Will travel grants be offered this year?
A: A limited number of travel grants will be made available to young scientists who are aged 35 or younger (born on or after 1 January 1983) whose abstracts have been accepted for oral or poster presentation.

Applications for Travel Grants will not be accepted for authors of Late Breaking News abstracts!

Q: Who owns the copy right of the published abstracts?
A: The copy right is automatically owned by the abstract’s author(s). In case you would like to use the data, you must have the permission of the authors.

Q: Whom should I contact if I need a certificate of my poster/ oral presentation?
A: Please send an email to abstracts[at] indicating your name and the abstract title.


If you need any assistance:

- with the abstract submission, please contact ECTRIMS2018[at] 
- for other abstract inquiries, please contact: abstracts[at]

Hotline: +41 61 686 77 22 (Mon – Fri during CET business hours)