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Welcome to Paris

Dear colleagues and friends

On behalf of ECTRIMS and ACTRIMS Executive Committees, it is our pleasure to welcome you to Paris on the occasion of the 7th Joint ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS Meeting from 25 to 28 October 2017.
Paris is the city of Jean Martin Charcot who identified and named multiple sclerosis, in his famous Salpêtrière lecture of 1868. It is a very active city for neurology and neurosciences, with a highly dynamic Parisian multiple sclerosis network bridging clinical, imaging, genetics, immunology and neurobiology fields.

With assistance from the Local Organising Committee, composed of colleagues from Paris and French regions, we have done our best to set up an attractive programme which covers novel developments in the multiple sclerosis field, from the bench to the bedside. The programme will offer teaching courses, plenary lectures, free communications selected from abstracts, and hot topic, young investigator and poster sessions.

Themes will include recent advances in neurobiology and neuro-immunology, new diagnostic criteria, multiple sclerosis biomarkers, multiple sclerosis management and insight into multiple sclerosis borders, clinical trials results and emerging strategies to promote repair. In addition, there will be a special section of the programme for MS nurses and symposia sponsored by the European Charcot Foundation and industry.

The meeting will take place in the “Palais des Congrès”, a strategic location in Paris and one of the world‘s most significant conference centres with a wide range of nearby hotel accommodation.

Aside from neurology and neurosciences, Paris is well known for fashion, culture, food and entertainment. It benefits from a very convenient metro and bus public transportation system, but do not hesitate to rent the Velib bikes to discover the whole city, enjoy the banks of the Seine and all the Parisian jewels. Also take time to have a drink in the many Parisian cafés.

Victor Hugo said that “Respirer Paris, cela conserve l’âme”, that you can translate as “Breathing Paris keeps your soul”, and Hemingway wrote “A moveable feast”, translated in French as “Paris est une fête”. As all the Parisians who love their beautiful city, we are convinced that this meeting will not only be scientifically exciting but also that you will fall in love with Paris.

We look forward to welcoming you to Paris for MSParis2017!

Catherine Lubetzki
Chair MSParis2017

David Miller
ECTRIMS President

Bernhard Hemmer
ECTRIMS Vice President

Jack Antel
ACTRIMS President