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Current Congress

Nurses Programme

Oct 25

Nurses' Session 1
Impact of MS nursing across Europe

14:15 - 15:30

A. Winslow (Dublin ,IE)

Introduction and welcome

D. Miller (London ,UK) , A. Winslow (Dublin ,IE)

MS Nurse Pro – Launch of the rehabilitation module

N. Abel (Birmingham ,UK)

Core challenges, opportunities and impact of MS nursing across Europe (panel-debate)

A. Perrin Ross (Maywood ,US) , V. Matthews (Herts ,UK) , K. Harrison (Blaricum ,NL) , R. Motta (Genoa ,IT) , J. Hlavacova (Prague ,CZ) , C. Iakob (Bucharest ,RO) , J. Sastre-Garriga (Barcelona ,ES)

Nurses’ Session 2
Nurses leading the translation of research into practice

16:00 - 17:15

A.K. Krakau Hansen (Copenhagen ,DK)
N. Barker (London ,UK)

Adolescents’ experiences on coping with parental multiple sclerosis

T. Mauseth (Bergen ,NO)

A nurses guide to MS brain health: practical strategies for implementing MS brain health into everyday clinical practice

J. Haartsen (Sydney ,AU)

A comprehensive approach to meeting the needs and demands of people with multiple sclerosis. Translational results of an ECTRIMS Nurse MS Fellowship

M.A. Robles Sanchez (Barcelona ,ES)