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Welcome to Lyon

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The European Committee for Research and Treatment in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) and the Local Organising Committee are delighted to welcome you to the 28th Congress of ECTRIMS which will be held in Lyon, France, from 10 –13 October 2012.

Lyon and multiple sclerosis (MS) go back a long way. One could be tempted to believe that it dates back to 1894, with the first description of acute neuromyelitis optica by Eugène Devic, if this disease had not just been nosologically separated from MS as a result of the Mayo Clinic findings.

1987, i.e. exactly 25 years ago, was another milestone with the annual ECTRIMS congress already being organised in Lyon: with only 180 participants but already many impassioned and exciting debates. Then came the 1990s and the first European Concerted Action dedicated to MS, under the leadership of Otto Hommes, with the help of Ian McDonald and Luigi Amaducci. Lyon was then put in charge of the development of the European Database for Multiple Sclerosis (EDMUS) – a project specifically for the description of MS in the context of a continuous concertation between European experts. EDMUS has now reached version 4.1.1. It is distributed in 285 centres in over 40 countries. It is increasingly used as an electronic medical record for the follow-up of patients with MS and has already allowed significant progress in the epidemiology of MS. It has set up the OFSEP (Observatoire Français de la Sclérose en Plaques), a cohort gathering of over 30’000 PwMS in France.

With this background of protracted dedication to MS care and research, Lyon is proud to host the 28th ECTRIMS Congress. You may be confident that every effort has been made to select a list of topics and assemble a panel of speakers that will ensure a productive and exciting meeting.

A wise local saying goes: “after efforts come rewards”. In this respect, Lyon is an ideal place. It is the city of the two rivers and two hills where you can enjoy a pleasant stroll. You will easily discover the traces of its successive splendours: Lyon is the Roman capital of the 3 Gauls, the medieval Catholic primate of the
Gauls, and the Renaissance capital of trading and banking. You will also admire its most famous achievements, as the birthplace of printing, the silk trade, and the cinema . . . Last but not least, you will savour the cuisine of world-renowned chefs in the capital of gastronomy, in the best Gargantua tradition. Hopefully, the Lyon ECTRIMS 2012 will be a great vintage!

C. Confavreux
Chair ECTRIMS 2012

M. Clanet
ECTRIMS President

X. Montalban
ECTRIMS Secretary